Use Telehealth E-visits as a Patient

To get started patients need to have access to the RGFM patient portal. If you do not currently have access, contact our office to obtain a username and password to setup your account. Once your account is setup, see instructions below.

Patients can communicate during the telehealth visit using one of the methods listed below. Patients can select their preference when they request an e-visit if they are using the patient portal to ask for an appointment:

Phone: Patients provide the preferred phone number when they request an e-visit. If the visit is conducted in this way, the patient will be able to see the provider on their computer screen but the provider will not be able to see them.  The provider will call you to do the audio portion of the visit.

Video chat: Patients and providers use the on-screen microphone. The browser may prompt the patient to allow access to their computer’s camera and microphone. Patients must allow access.

Online chat: Enter questions/comments in the Your Questions text box. Using this method, the patient will be able to see the provider and communicate through text


Patients will start their e-visits by checking in to their appointments from their YourHealthFile® Patient Portal account. The patient portal web address is:

 You can also access the patient portal via our website at

1. Once logged in you will see the home page. On the home page, click the Appointment Check-in the yellow tile box.

You should complete the intake information before joining an e-visit. This can be done any time after the appointment is scheduled. You can use the navigation menu at the top of the page to review and fill out each form. If this is your first E-visit you might want to allow yourself plenty of time to complete the process.  Your information will be saved once entered so you will not have to enter the same information in future visits. You will also be able to edit the information later if your circumstances change.

2. Click NEXT at the top of the page to continue to navigate the check-in process until it is complete. You can also use the navigation menu to select a form to fill out.

You do not have to complete all forms to complete the check-in process. When you complete a form, a green checkmark will appear next to the steps you have completed. If you fill out the questionnaires ahead of time you should log out and return to complete the process 10-15 minutes before your appointment.

3. When you are done filling out the intake forms, click Complete Check-in Process in the orange box at the bottom of your screen.  You should do this 10-15 minutes prior to your appointment time.

The e-Visit window opens. The patient appears on the left side of the screen and the provider appears on the right side if the visit will be conducted in “Video Chat” mode. The visit can still be completed even if the patient doesn’t have a webcam and mic.  The provider will not be able to see you but can still communicate with you either by phone or through the “Your Questions” text box at the bottom of the screen.

Patients can end their e-visit by clicking the blue “End e-Visit” box at the bottom right corner of the screen.

Request E-visits as a Patient


You can request an e-visit appointment with your provider from their YourHealthFile® Patient Portal account.

In our example, the patient is requesting a first available appointment with a date range and a time range.

1. On the home page, click the green Schedule an Appointment tile.

2. From the Patient Appointment menu, select Request e-Visit.

3. Review and acknowledge the disclaimer by selecting the check box.

4. Select the Location, Doctor, and Reason.

5. Select the Requested Date, Preferred Day, Appointment Time and Preferred Method of communication (how the patient prefers to communicate during the e-visit).

6. Click Request e-Visit.

7. You have successfully requested an e-visit.

8. You will receive an email confirming that the appointment request was received.

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